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• Nicotine (music box)- Panic! At The Disco
• Heather (music box)- Conan Grey

Thumbnail inspired by June

???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????: https://discord.gg/FdrJr9f9

???????????????? ????????????????:
• Gacha Club
• Ibis Paint X
• Kinemaster

????????????????'???? ???????????? ℂ????????????????????????: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWmzAcpkr8GS4i57M2cNJUA

Characters are by Thomas Sanders in a YouTube Series, which is about mental health, Sanders Sides. The OC's used are mine, but from an alternate universe where things are not as, they are presented canonically. Anything that happens in my videos is just for entertainment and fun rather than saying that this WILL happen in the series, which it most likely will not. I am a multi-shipper and I do multiple ships through different videos. They are all different alternate universes, but I have a main which is my DRLAMP alternate universe. You will see that in different holiday videos and important videos that I want to do.

????????????????????????' ℂ????????????????????????: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80Z-cIOdR6upfnrPJ8Q00A

Btw, I do link June's channel just because she's a great friend of mine and they made a new channel a month ago to keep themselves safe. The link is their new channel, and she is not telling me to do this, but I just want to be a good friend. Please support them.

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